1. ruiqi26:

    Title is about the newest webseries I’m hooked on (adapting Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing) and also an ironic statement because I have SO MUCH TO DO and really no time to get hooked on to a new webseries.

    I had wanted to watch it since I knew the rough plot (didn’t read…

    You got me hooked too. Watched all the episodes last night. I love Beatrice :]

  2. -I was wondering if you would give me another chance to go on your quest.

    -My quest?

    -Yeah, I want to help you get your wish.

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  3. i miss lizzie.

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  4. How to fail / succeed at confessing your love for someone.

    This is fantastic, and highly accurate.

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  5. I don’t have the words to tell you how in love with you I am. 
    Maybe if I loved you less, I could talk about it more. 

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  6. berniesu:

    Hello Emma Approved fans,

    This morning we dropped nine (yes NINE) videos covering the Frank and Jane relationship.

    I’d love to know what you feel about this experience. Mainly, the binge watching. (Ask box, or reblog with comment).

    Ever since the first days of Emma Approved we had…

    Okay so my response looked something like this:

    *phone dings with Emma Approved Twitter alert*
    *reads* Frank and Jane playlist…..? Huh? *clicks link*

    *begins watching* Wait—is this an old video? Was this IN an old video? Or did I somehow miss this…?? WAIT. DEFINITELY HAVE NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE HOW DID I MISS THIS

    …Wait. THIS IS NEW. WHATTTT???

    As to what I think about presenting the videos all at once instead of along with the story:

    This is kind-of just a basic technical thing, but it had an effect on my ability to connect what was going on with Frank and Jane at various moments to the storyline:
    When they were posted, the links went to the Frank and Jane videos as a part of the EA playlist, and that confused me at first. I ended up (accidentally) watching them all out of order, because YouTube playlists and I don’t really get along so well. It started playing like video 6, and then jumped to 8, or something, and then back to 1…I dunno. 

    I think if they’d just been posted separately without the playlist, or at least inserted into the playlist according to the story timeline, I might have been better able to figure out plot-wise where each video fit within the storyline. 

    Nevertheless, I really liked the surprise drop of all the videos. I think it was the right move here, because it caught you so off-guard, like the way the relationship caught all the other characters off-guard. Even those of us who have read and know the story, still got to be surprised by it. And in comparison to the Lydia-Wickham videos, this makes more sense I think for EA, because we’re operating in a world where these videos aren’t public. So we’re pretending to see, essentially, what Emma would see when going through her private footage. But we can imagine that she wouldn’t be overly interested in what Jane was doing all the time, so she’d probably skip over all that footage, and only upon hearing about the secret relationship, go back and discover all the film evidence that she’d missed. Conversely, with Lydia and Wickham, I don’t think surprising the audience would have been a good move because: 
    1. We’re in a world where the videos are public. So Lydia is naturally putting videos up continually, and even if Lizzie ignores them, they’re public, so we’re not going to
    2. Publicity would be a necessity for Wickham’s plot in the first place, and it gave the Pem Digital team a way to plant a seed directing the audience to his malicious plot (countdown clock)
    3. The effect would not be the same as Frank and Jane. Seeing the cuteness between Frank and Jane is squee-worthy; Lydia and Wickham’s vids are disconcerting, or stomach-churning, at the very least. The fandom would not freak out in a positive way, suddenly seeing what was going on with Lydia. It would have incited a panic.

    Overall, well done, Pemberley Digital. We didn’t see that one coming, but it was a lot of fun.

  7. dizzie quotes 3/5  » the den
    (special thanks to alexwhyyy for reminding me to finish this series!)

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  9. knightleydisapproved:

    A button for all your scolding needs.

  10. berniesu:


    Harriet took this Boxx thing a bit too literally.

    WHAT’S IN THE BOXX?!?!?!!

    Harriet is the cutest.

  11. wishiwerethemoon:

    Because James Brent Issacs’s posts are the actual best.

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  13. writingaloveaffair said: What was it like doing the audiobook for The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet? (I'm two hours into it and it is so amazing and nostalgic.)


    Mostly a lot of fun! It had some interesting challenges, too. I have a lot of respect for people who do audiobooks now because it’s very vocally demanding. I thought I knew how hard it was to talk for 8 hours a day but it’s even harder when the work is entirely about being clear and articulate and energetic and doing voices. There was a lot of vocal rest that week when I wasn’t working. (My Darcy voice is particularly hard on me, but I established it so long ago I didn’t feel like I could change it now.) It was also a new challenge to figure out voices for characters I’d never done before, and it’s interesting, because the some of voices I get the most complimentary messages about are also the voices I see the most complaints about, which really goes to show you can’t please everyone and you should just do your best work. 

    Mostly it was lovely to revisit my old friends Lizzie and her gang and a story that is dear to my heart. Thanks to everyone who is listening to or reading it! 

  14. Emma and Alex, episodes 1-50

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