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    A button for all your scolding needs.

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    Harriet took this Boxx thing a bit too literally.

    WHAT’S IN THE BOXX?!?!?!!

    Harriet is the cutest.

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    Because James Brent Issacs’s posts are the actual best.

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  6. writingaloveaffair said: What was it like doing the audiobook for The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet? (I'm two hours into it and it is so amazing and nostalgic.)


    Mostly a lot of fun! It had some interesting challenges, too. I have a lot of respect for people who do audiobooks now because it’s very vocally demanding. I thought I knew how hard it was to talk for 8 hours a day but it’s even harder when the work is entirely about being clear and articulate and energetic and doing voices. There was a lot of vocal rest that week when I wasn’t working. (My Darcy voice is particularly hard on me, but I established it so long ago I didn’t feel like I could change it now.) It was also a new challenge to figure out voices for characters I’d never done before, and it’s interesting, because the some of voices I get the most complimentary messages about are also the voices I see the most complaints about, which really goes to show you can’t please everyone and you should just do your best work. 

    Mostly it was lovely to revisit my old friends Lizzie and her gang and a story that is dear to my heart. Thanks to everyone who is listening to or reading it! 

  7. Emma and Alex, episodes 1-50

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    i’m not okay


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    In honor of the Dizzie anniversary, here’s one more of me and @manboynice

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    Alex Knightley - Emma Approved, ep 1-5

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  12. relationship tropes → William Darcy + Lizzie Bennet // The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

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    I plan to later replace this image with one where the screenshot is actually Emma and Alex making out. ;)

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    Emma Approved x Frozen

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    emma and lizzie + getting blindsided by declarations of love.
    emma: because you’re supposed to be in love!
    elton: with harriet?
    emma: yes! who else would you be in love with?
    elton: you!
    emma: NO YOU’RE NOT!
    darcy: i’ve been fighting against this for months now, but lizzie bennet, i’m in love with you

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